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Make & model Isuzu Stylus
Body code (primary) JI (JT)
Model years 1991-1993
Generation 1st gen (Gemini 3rd gen)
Markets sold in 1991 (Canada)
1991-1993 (USA)
Also known as Isuzu Gemini (1990-1993)
Designer (year)
Manufacturer Isuzu Motor Company
Release date
Production span
Assembly location Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
Quantity produced 406,625 (all Stylus and Gemini models)
Total sale/market 17,754 (USA)
Related models Geo Storm (NAM)(1990-1993) / Isuzu PA Nero (1990-1992)
Isuzu Impulse (NAM)(1990-1992) / Asüna Sunfire (CAN)(1992-1993)
Isuzu Piazza / Piazza Nero (1991-1992)
Body style 4-door sedan
Layout/Drivetrain FF
Engine(s)/disp.(cc)/hp L4 1.6 96hp SOHC 4XC1 (S model)
L4 1.6 130hp DOHC 4XE1 (1991 XS model)
L4 1.8 140hp DOHC 4XF1 (1992 RS model)
Transmission(s) AT3 (S model only)
Wheelbase 2451 mm
Dimensions L/W/H 4191 mm x 1679 mm x 1374 mm
Previous model(s) I-Mark (NAM)(1985-1989)
Following model(s) none
Rival model(s) Toyota Corolla
Nissan Sentra
Mazda Protégé
Chevrolet Cavalier
Pontiac Sunbird
Subaru Loyale
Honda Civic
Suzuki Swift
VW Jetta
Ford Escort
Mitsubishi Mirage
Dodge Colt
Plymouth Colt
Eagle Summit


The Isuzu Stylus is the North American model of the Japanese Isuzu Gemini sedan model.
Sold as the Stylus in North America only, Isuzu offered the Stylus in the USA for model years 1991 to 1993 and in Canada for the model year 1991, hence being a very rare vehicle in Canada.
The S model carried the 4-cylinder 1.6L SOHC 12-valves engine derived from the 1.5L of the previous I-Mark models.
The 1991 XS models carried the 1.6L DOHC 16-valves engine (130hp) for the 1991 year only. It was replaced in 1992 by the RS version, carrying the more powerful 1.8L DOHC 16-valves engine (140hp).

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Make Isuzu
Model name Stylus
Year page 1991-1993
Specifications by model variation (1991-1993)
- -------- Version #1 -------- -------- Version #2 -------- -------- Version #3 -------- -------- Version #4 -------- -------- Version #5 --------
Version or
variation name
S (1991) XS (1991) S (1992) RS (1992) S (1993)
Body style sedan <- <- <- <-
Chassis code JI <- <- <- <-
Engine position Front-engine Front-engine Front-engine Front-engine Front-engine
Driven wheels Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive
Assembled in Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan <- <- <- <-
Market for model North America North America USA USA USA
Body and dimensions
Version or
variation name
S (1991) XS (1991) S (1992) RS (1992) S (1993)
Doors / Seating 4 doors, 5 passengers <- <- <- <-
Steering position Left-hand drive (LHD) Left-hand drive (LHD) Left-hand drive (LHD) Left-hand drive (LHD) Left-hand drive (LHD)
Ground clearance (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Length x width x height
Front / rear track
width (mm)
Curb weight (kg)
Front / rear
weight distribution (%)
Max load capacity (kg)
Trunk capacity (L/ft³)
& /w seats folded (L/ft³)
Fuel tank capacity (L/gal)
Towing capacity (kg/lbs)
Drag coefficient (Cd)
Suspension, wheels and brakes
Version or
variation name
S (1991) XS (1991) S (1992) RS (1992) S (1993)
Front brakes / dim.(in) discs <- <- <- <-
Rear brakes / dim.(in) drums discs drums discs drums
Power brakes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brake fluid / cap.(ml)
ABS No No No No No
Front suspension
Front stab. bar size (in)
Rear suspension
Rear stab. bar size (in)
Steering type
Turning circle (m/ft)
Power steering optional yes optional yes optional
- PS fluid / cap.(ml)
Front tires / infl.(psi)
Rear tires / infl.(psi)
Front wheels specs
Rear wheels specs
Spare tire size
Wheel bolt pattern
Wheel nut/bolt thread
Version or
variation name
S (1991) XS (1991) S (1992) RS (1992) S (1993)
Engine mounting Transversal Transversal Transversal Transversal Transversal
Engine code / name 4XE-1 4XF-1
- type/cylinders/charge L4 NA <- <- <- <-
- type/stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke 4-stroke
- displacement (L)
- displacement (cc)
- displacement (ci)
- bore x stroke (mm)
- head/cams/valvegear
- timing drive
- interference eng.
- fuel delivery/carbs.
- compression ratio
- power (hp@rpm)
- torque (Lb-ft@rpm)
- redline (rpm)
Recom. fuel type
Oil & cap. (L/qts)
- oil filter number
Ignition system
- firing order
- spark plugs/gap
Engine cooling
- pump/fan drive
- coolant spec & cap.(L)
Engine block material
Engine head material
Turbo/sprchg. specs
- pressure (psi)
Exhaust pipe main size
Battery type/size/volt.
Max alternator amps
Driving range (km/mi)
on fuel / battery (if EV)
Electric engine type
Charging times/tech.
Transmission / Drivetrain
Version or
variation name
S (1991) XS (1991) S (1992) RS (1992) S (1993)
Wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive Front-wheel drive
Drive type
Greabox 1 type/gears
- fluid grade/cap.(L)
Greabox 2 type/gears
- fluid grade/cap.(L)
Greabox 3 type/gears
- fluid grade/cap.(L)
Differential ratios
- Fr/Rr fluid /cap. (L)
Transfer case
fluid /cap.(L)
Version or
variation name
S (1991) XS (1991) S (1992) RS (1992) S (1993)
0-60 mph (sec.)
0-100 kph/(~63mph)(sec.)
0-~400m / ¼ mile
Top speed (kph/mph)
Braking 100-0kph(m)
Lateral acc. (G)
Noise cruise spd(dB)
Noise full throttle(dB)
Fuel cons.
L/100km city/hwy
Equipment & Misc.
Version or
variation name
S (1991) XS (1991) S (1992) RS (1992) S (1993)
Original MSRP price
Original warranty
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Misc / Repair part # Interior colors available :
- blue
- brown
- grey
Interior colors available :
- blue
- grey
Interior colors available :
- blue
- grey
Interior colors available :
- grey
Interior colors available :
- blue
- grey
Air filter #
Wiper sizes
(front left/right/rear)
Headlight bulb #
Towing info
Exhaust diagram
Car audio info

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