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Make Acura
Model name EL
Year page 1998
Specifications by model variation (1998 /)
- -------- Version #1 -------- -------- Version #2 -------- -------- Version #3 -------- -------- Version #4 -------- -------- Version #5 --------
Version or
variation name
Body style
Chassis code test
Engine position
Driven wheels
Assembled in
Body and dimensions
Version or
variation name
Doors / Seating
Steering position
Ground clearance (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Length x width x height
Front/rear track width
Curb weight (kg)
Front/rear wt. dist.
Max load capacity
Trunk capacity (L)
with seats folded (L)
Fuel tank capacity (L)
Towing capacity (kg/lbs)
Suspension, wheels and brakes
Version or
variation name
Front brakes / dim.(in)
Rear brakes / dim.(in)
Power brakes
Brake fluid / cap.(ml)
Front suspension
Rear suspension
Steering type
Turning circle (m)
Power steering
- PS fluid / cap.(ml)
Front tires / infl.(psi)
Rear tires / infl.(psi)
Front wheels specs
Rear wheels specs
Spare tire size
Wheel bolt pattern
Wheel nut/bolt thread
Version or
variation name
Engine mounting
Engine code / name
- type/cylinders
- type/stroke
- displacement (L)
- displacement (cc)
- displacement (ci)
- bore x stroke (mm)
- head/cams/valvegear
- timing drive
- interference eng.
- fuel delivery/carbs.
- compression ratio
- power (hp@rpm)
- torque (Lb-ft@rpm)
- redline (rpm)
Recom. fuel type
Oil & cap. (L/qts)
- oil filter number
Ignition system
- firing order
- spark plugs/gap
Engine cooling
- pump/fan drive
- coolant spec & cap.(L)
Engine block material
Engine head material
Turbo/sprchg. specs
- pressure (psi)
Exhaust pipe main size
Battery type/size/volt.
Driving range (km/mi)
on fuel / battery (if EV)
Electric engine type
Charging times/tech.
Transmission / Drivetrain
Version or
variation name
Wheel drive
Drive type
Greabox 1 type/gears
- fluid grade/cap.(L)
Greabox 2 type/gears
- fluid grade/cap.(L)
Greabox 3 type/gears
- fluid grade/cap.(L)
Differential ratios
- Fr/Rr fluid /cap. (L)
Transfer case
fluid /cap.(L)
Version or
variation name
0-100 kph/(~63mph)(sec.)
0-400m / ¼ mile
Top speed (kph/mph)
Braking 100-0kph(m)
Lateral acc. (G)
Noise cruise spd(dB)
Noise full throttle(dB)
Fuel cons.
L/100km city/hwy
Equipment & Misc.
Version or
variation name
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Misc / Repair part #
Air filter #
Wiper sizes
(front left/right/rear)
Headlight bulb #
Towing info
Exhaust diagram
Car audio info

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