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The taiwanese company Yue Loong, now Yulon (since 1992) have been assembled a vast majority of the Nissan models in Taiwan from 1960, from CKD kits, since an agreement in 1957. Since then, Yue Loong or Yulon have only produced its own models from 1986 to 1995 (1 model) and then from 2009 with the Luxgen brand, also forming a joint venture with Dongfeng to distribute and manufacture Luxgen brand vehicles in China starting in 2011. The newly formed entity named Dongfeng-Yulon has however entered bankruptcy in 2020.

Meanwhile, after Yulon has separated in two entities in Oct. 2003 (Yulon Motor and Yulon Nissan), Yulon has entered partnership to assemble other manufacturers' products in CKD kits from Mercedes Benz, Chrysler, GM, Geely, Renault and Mitsubishi under licence.
Only Nissan products have been marketed as Yue Loong or Yulon in Taiwan.

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