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Japan, 1947-1966



Formely Tama Electric car company (Tama name have been chosen due to the area name); When the Korean war broke out, battery prices have soared and gasoline prices plummeted and so the company was renamed to Prince Motor Company and ordered Fuji Precision Industries gasoline engines. Fuji Precision Industries had been an entity formely part of the disbanded Nakajima Aircraft Company. Both Tama and Fuji Precision companies were owned by Bridgestone founder, Ishibashi Shojiro.

On export markets, Prince cars were known as PMC with models bearing alphanumeric appellations, eg. PMC B200.

Merger with Nissan

On August 1st, 1966, the Prince Motor Company was officially absorbed into Nissan and thus all the production and projects from Prince was carried on with the same model names into the Nissan lineup.

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