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Founded in 1946 by Soichiro Honda as the Honda Research Institute in Hamamatsu, Japan, he first based his works in developing small and efficient combustion engines. Incorporating his company name in 1948, the father and founder of the company have then made his name famous with producing motorcycles, with the original Cub scooter being the most-produced vehicle of all times. A subsidiary was established in the USA in 1959 and started production of motorcycles there in1979 and cars in 1982.

Beginning in 1963, Honda started to manufacture automobiles starting with the T360 kei truck and the S500 roadster.
Ever since, it has specialized in many motorized products including lawn mowers, power generators, tractors, farm equipment and even jets!
Honda is one of the major exporter of Japan, sending its products to many countries, as well as having many factories established outside of Japan, notably in the USA, the UK, Canada…

Different countries and different markets exist and so many Honda cars have been exclusively produced and sold in certain specific countries.


See Acura

In 1986, Honda introduced to the North American a new luxury car brand in order to diversify its offering and cater to car buyers searching for a more exclusive buying and owning experience. Although sold thru the Honda brand in Japan, the Integra and the Legend formed the first lineup of Acura cars when introduced.


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To see the complete list of "Alpha 3" country codes used in these pages to specify the market in which the model was sold, please visit the following website :
(We added (EUR) for Europe, (NAM) for North America, (SAM) for South America and (GCC) for Gulf Cooperation Council)

  • Ballade *See : Civic (Many years)
  • Ballade Sports CR-X *See : CR-X (1984-1987)

  • Civic CRX *See : CR-X (1984-1987)

  • del Sol *See : CR-X / del Sol (1992-1998)

  • Envix *See : Crider

  • Rafaga *See : Ascot (1993-1997)

  • Saber *See : Inspire (many years)
  • Spirior *See : Accord Euro (JPN/EUR)(2007-2015)
  • Street *See : Acty / Acty Van

  • UR-V *See : Avancier

  • Vigor *See : Accord (Many years)

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