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Born from Honda in 1986, Acura has set itself up a notch from the Honda lineup by presenting more luxurious and more expensive models. With the introduction of the NSX in 1989, Acura gained momentarily a huge reconnaissance in pair to compete with other long-established manufacturer such as Ferrari and other brands manufacturing high-end super cars. The notoriety brought by the NSX went on to position the Acura brand within a respected elite of the car world and prospered to this day. The introduction of the new NSX (NC1) in 2016 ravived the brand as ones of the leaders of automative success.

With other Japanese brands focussing on SUV, Acura invitably has to offer something to position itself on many markets. China has his fair share of Acura models not sold on other shores.
But up to now, Acura brand has been sold only in North America.
However, many of the models destined to be sold as Acura do have Honda underpinings and have had a Honda-branded twin sold on the Japan Domestic Market (JDM).

So basically, many of the models sold by Acura have been produced in Japan and sold there under the Honda badge, and the LHD versions have been shipped to North America with an Acura badge.
There may be some exceptions to this rule, notably concerning the Acura EL (1997-2000) twins which are the Honda Domani and Isuzu Gemini which were assembled in Canada and then shipped back to Japan and Taiwan.

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