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Please read the Disclaimer before continuing onto this website.

Welcome to SPECFREAKS !!!
This website is dedicated to specifications and classification of cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles and more!!! See Mission section below

Currently there is :

21 brands pages created on this website.


Concerning cars, it mainly focusses on the cars produced after WWII but there may be many exception, especially when the manufacturer present before WWII still produced many automobiles after that era.
In the brands menu, you may find that the biggest brands, mostly active today, are in bold. This is purely an arbitrary measure to be able to find the most popular brands more quickly on a small or low-resolution screen. Again, this is in order to have the most user-firendly interface.
Currently, there is :

9 car models pages created on this website.

Car brands
Car brands by countries

Old index (Project started in 2006)


Motorcycles are a daily reality in many countries of the world, including some that doesn't have cars, trucks or other vehicles!
Currently, there is :

2 motorcycles models pages created on this website.

Motorcycle brands


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Since I (founder) was born in Quebec, Canada, the snowmobile industry is about one of the most proficient industry in my region since BRP (formely known as Bombardier) has its headquarters and main factory in my town. So because of this fact, not only putting snowmobile specifications over the Internet is entertaining, it also helps many of my buddies and colleagues in their everyday lives.
Snowmobile brands

Trucks & Buses

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Brought to you by isuna's garage (Please check my website by clicking the link in the top right corner), the idea of specfreaks is to deliver an easy and lightweight ressource to navigate thru and find specifications for cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles and more (eventually); have a user-friendly interface. This way, it it possible to use with a low-tech computer or smartphone, and that, without having to load important ressources, name CGI, php, flash, cerl and multiple sliding side bars and widgets, as well as publicity that you may not have time for (thus the only funding for this website is thru Paypal donation, see link above)
The target is to hold accurate information in order for car enthusiasts and the like to verify specifications and informations about the different models of vehicles produced.
While this can be proven a difficult task to complete, I am sure this project will eventually be of great use.
Please note that this website is an independant ressource, created by the gearheads, for the gearheads!!!

Please contribute

Note that this is an ongoing work which may take several years to grow as a ressource, so if you would like to contribute with donation, information or pictures please send me an email or any inquiry at :
Your email may take some time to be read. Thank you for your patience.
End note :
Please keep in mind, I (hope to have a team to work with) am dedicated to providing the most accurate and complete specifications for each and every car and its model year and variants.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License